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Personal Development, Self Help and Motivation Review

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Download digital books, and earn income on them! That’s right – you can package and sell these books to earn income! Earn while you learn!
The books on this website give you private label rights (PLR). That means that you can put your name on them and claim authorship, or you can get books with Master Rights or any rights you’d like, and sell them! – alone or packaged in any number of ways.

Just click on the Main Page, and go to the free book downloads for PLR that you’ll find there. No purchase necessary, no registration or email address needed! You’ll find topics including personal development, self-help and motivation, practical learning, and much more…all rolled up into saleable packages for you, your loved ones, your clients, and your business!
And, some of these digital downloadable books even come with Master Resale Rights. These include hot topics such as:

– Learn Spanish Fast
– Discover Secrets of Success
– Weight Loss Tips
– How to Blog for Profit
– And more…
After you download the free books, you pay a small fee for 18 more titles which also carry Private Label Rights, so you can not only learn, but earn! And earn over and over and over again.

If you’ve wanted to increase your knowledge, and earn money…have your learning pay for itself and more… check out this website for freebies and dual-purpose products!

Personal Development, Self Help and Motivation Review

Motivational, Inspirational, and Self-Improvement Products Review

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Achieving Success: If you can dream it, you can do it! But you need an action plan. Gary Vurnum’s digital download information packages might be what you’re looking for. Gary has done extensive research on how to achieve success in challenging situations, based on his experience assisting his special needs son. He put this experience and research to use in creating a series of digital products and manuals designed to share that knowledge on achieving success.

Gary Vurnum’s digital products include:
Truth About Success: a 208-page manual, with an 87-page workbook, and accompanying recordings.
Laws of Success for the 21st Century Membership Program, based on Napoleon Hill’s findings.

Gary’s Vurnum’s audio recordings include:
The Law of Attraction for Non-Believers
The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill
The Science of Success

The Hidden Secret from Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich, a free report.

Learn more about Gary Vurnum’s 21 Points of Focus, which include:

Belief , Labor , Goals , Attitude, Vision , Momentum , Decision, Opportunity, Integrity , Action , Focus , Consistency , Commitment , Asking , Conditioning, Values , Learning , Energy , Motivation
Gratitude, Instinct

Memory as a path to success: Train your memory to help you succeed!

Sten M Anderson, B.Sc. in Cognitive Psychology, helps you to remember people’s names and other pertinent information in his 128-page e-book “Memory, How to Develop, Train, and Use It.”

Sten shares his knowledge and experience in training the memory as a useful tool and path for success. Remember names and places, prepare for tests, organize your life, help you children succeed, and develop your memory to its fullest, most powerful potential! Topics include:

Memory: Its Importance ; Cultivation of the Memory ; Celebrated Cases of Memory ; Memory Systems;
The Subconscious Record-File ; Attention ; Association ; Phases of Memory ; Training the Eye ; Training the Ear ; How to Remember Names ; How to Remember Faces ; How to Remember Places ; How to Remember Numbers ; How to Remember Music ; How to Remember Occurrences ; How to Remember Facts ; How to Remember Words, etc. ; How to Remember Books, Plays, Tales, etc ; General Instructions

This product offers a 12-week money-back guarantee, and unlimited email support from Sten Andersen!

Motivational, Inspirational, And Self-Improvement Products