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The Unexplainable Store Review

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

This unique store by Jim McElwee truly is unexplainable, and fascinating! The store offers over 60 products to aid in all types of self help, from biological to spiritual, from metaphysical to mystic!
The program offers over 60 self-help items that include Mystical: ESP and Psychic, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Spirit Guide, Shaman Consciousness; Chakra Tuning, Christ Consciousness; Harnessing the Brain: Lucid Dreaming, Past Life Regression, Creativity, Sleep, Hypnosis, Memory Enhancer, Motivation, Prosperity; Biological: DNA Stimulation, Endorphin Release, Relaxation, Weight Loss, Health.
All products include come an 8-week Money Back Risk Free Guarantee.

Every product comes with three instantly downloadable Free Bonuses that carry a total value of more than $75.
One bonus is free without even making a purchase! Just enter your email address and check it out.

You receive each product immediately after you pay: Click the “Continue” button that shows you how to download your purchase in a zip file. Don’t worry if you miss this page and click off after paying; you’ll receive an email with the same instructions!
You can use different free utilities to open the zipped folder, more than likely one is already on your computer so you won’t have to worry. Once unzipped, you will have an MP3 file that you can even use on an MP3 compatible audio player.

Excellent product selection and trust-promoting seller here. Two thumbs up!

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Success With NlLP Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny Review

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

If you‘ve ever wondered how some lucky few seem to achieve overwhelming success from nothing, read the new downloadable digital information from Adam Khoo, author of, “Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny,” on National Best Seller lists for three years. Khoo tells how he went from being “a washout, to a millionaire at the age of 26.” His secrets of success are now available!

Khoo portrays his overwhelming successes, include four businesses that bring in a combined $20 million in revenue each year; billing as a top speaker in Asia; trainer of more than 245,000 professionals; best-selling book author five times; and has worked with public figures and companies such as Singapore Ministry of Defence, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Telecoms, Hewlett Packard, American International Assurance, Prudential, Lux Asia, Tupperware, and Rolls Royce Marine.

Here, he shares over 340 pages of his step-by-step success strategies and secrets share in a power-packed package that includes a book, a workbook, and a blueprint in digital format. You’ll find out:

1) How to harness powerful success strategies and secrets to get what you want in life.

2) How to set your own goals and reach them over and over with his help, so you are no longer going it alone.

3) How to immediately take action to accomplish my goals fast.

Khoo offers an 8 week money-back guarantee with nothing to lose!

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Personal Development, Self Help and Motivation Review

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Download digital books, and earn income on them! That’s right – you can package and sell these books to earn income! Earn while you learn!
The books on this website give you private label rights (PLR). That means that you can put your name on them and claim authorship, or you can get books with Master Rights or any rights you’d like, and sell them! – alone or packaged in any number of ways.

Just click on the Main Page, and go to the free book downloads for PLR that you’ll find there. No purchase necessary, no registration or email address needed! You’ll find topics including personal development, self-help and motivation, practical learning, and much more…all rolled up into saleable packages for you, your loved ones, your clients, and your business!
And, some of these digital downloadable books even come with Master Resale Rights. These include hot topics such as:

– Learn Spanish Fast
– Discover Secrets of Success
– Weight Loss Tips
– How to Blog for Profit
– And more…
After you download the free books, you pay a small fee for 18 more titles which also carry Private Label Rights, so you can not only learn, but earn! And earn over and over and over again.

If you’ve wanted to increase your knowledge, and earn money…have your learning pay for itself and more… check out this website for freebies and dual-purpose products!

Personal Development, Self Help and Motivation Review