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Instant Golf Slice Cure review

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Many millions of people across the world play golf very frequently, for it is one of the world’s most played sports. It is very enjoyable and technically demanding, and this is why many players suffer from the effects of a slice of that accompanies their swing.

If this is you, or if you simply want to strive to improve your game on a constant basis as many do, you need to take a look at the brilliant guide that is Instant Golf Slice Cure, for it is packed full of advice and tips on how to cure that annoying slice. Getting your swing right is a vital part of playing the game to the best of your ability, and whether you are a novice or experienced player there is always room for improvement. This guide draws on the experience of players who have been in the game for a long time and advises you on sensible and easy to achieve techniques that promise to improve not just your swing of other aspects of your game to.

Golf is an enjoyable game in any case, but when one improves it becomes more so; many guides like this are expensive and uninformative, but Instant Golf Slice Cure does exactly what it says on the box; in QuickTime by following the instructions within you can cure the problem of your slice and instantly have a better swing that will stand you in good stead. Whether you play golf pleasure offers sport, this book is a must for the advice contained is absolutely invaluable.

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Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide review

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Golf remains one of the most popular sports in the world today, and is one in which there is always room for improvement within some aspect of your game. If you are a golfer who is looking to improve your swing in terms of power and accuracy, then you would do well to have a look at this new guide that I found while browsing online. It’s called Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide and is written by one Mike Pedersen, who has great experience in the world of golf.

Now it may be said that the swing is just about the most important part of the golfing technique to get right; this is so, as a better swing technique enables you to put more power into your drive and to place the ball more accurately on the fairway or green that you intend to reach. This guide offers excellent advice, all written clearly and easy to understand terms that will appeal to both the experienced golfer who is looking to improve his or her handicap, or the novice or newcomer to the game who is looking for advice on how best to master the often difficult techniques that make the game one step better.

There are no quick fixes involved in this guide but simply excellent and well informed advice and tips that, when followed and understood properly, are practically guaranteed to improve your game in a very short time. Using the methods outlined and described in this book you will see improvement very quickly, although the some, of course, it will take longer than others. Mike’s guide is among the best on the market, and one of those books that will make an excellent gift for golfers or newcomer to the game alike.

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Amazing Golf Mind Mental Audios Review

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Golf is the ultimate mental challenge! If you’d like to lower your golf score by at least 5 shots by harnessing your mental power, Andres Scott’s program might be for you! This program works on your mental game, with an audiotape series that you listen to right before sleep each night.
The audiotapes include subliminal messages that help you to stay focused and positive, and learn more about your mental golf game! Listen to several times a week, and improve your golf game with the power of your mind!
You also receive free self-help subliminal audiotapes for a well-rounded lifestyle, and, when you visit the site, enter your email address confidentially for a “Subliminal Short Game” audio to take 3 shots off your short game. Fore!

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