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Why cable television/satellite tv/hdtv/plasma/lcd tv is bad for you

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Ok, I know the title is a mouthful 🙂 But I wanted to get your attention, because it really doesn’t matter what type of t.v. you have, whether be it the latest and greatest hi-definition (hdtv) plasma or lcd 42″ or 60″ widescreen t.v., an old black and white set tv top going on cable or satellite, or a projector projecting 10′ images against a big wall, t.v. is bad for you. I admit sadly I’ve watched my fair share of television, but I’ve been fortunate to be able to recognize that (and reduce) the amount of t.v. I watch.

Nowadays because of the proliferation of video devices (t.v., mini-t.v.’s, streaming video, ipods, store checkout counters/gasoline bars/sports bars/etc t.v.s, etc, etc), I know that it is pretty hard to avoid watching t.v. But. If you can — try the 2 week challenge — go for two week without t.v., and see if you notice a difference. (If you accomplish that — watch your favourite move — ok, just kidding 🙂 — but you’ll probably like the difference).

Most television can (and usually does) effectively accomplish the following:

  • TV dumbs you down
  • TV thinks for you and ‘reprograms’ you
  • TV wastes time
  • TV contributes to poor health

1. Dumbing Down

Television is very rarely educational, and when it is, it is edited so much and pre-empted by commercials that actual educational dialogue is minimal. Most sit-coms have ‘laugh’ tracks — because the content really isn’t all that funny — but it is there to make you comfortable to ‘laugh’ with the show. But you start ‘believing’ it must be funny — because after all — “everyone else” is laughing too. And “news” shows have soundbites that are so short, they don’t (and can’t) convey real useful information to you. Every day is usually simply the same information repackaged differently. (I.e., why do you need to know what the current temperature is outside? Open a window 🙂 And if you aren’t travelling, who cares what the weather is like in Florida if you are living in the north pole?)

2. Programming — the t.v. or you?

Television is exceptionally good at reprogramming your belief systems, and you allow it to.

As an example, one of the most popular sets of t.v. shows are murder/mystery. I.e., like five or six different versions of CSI (Miami, NYC, Regular CSI, etc), five or six versions of law and order (Regular L&O, L&O: Criminal Intent, L&O: SVU, etc, etc). (Geez, it’s almost like choosing between coke, coke classic, diet coke, coke zero, etc, etc! :))

You start watching this t.v. series — and then you believe that that is exactly how the law works. I found I was actually being brainwashed into believing exactly what was seen on t.v. is exactly as what happens. I starting thinking DNA was taken for everything (compliments of the CSI series, in which every case is magically solved by that — why don’t they just take dna at the start of the episode :P), and that people had literally no rights and could be thrown in jail at a whim. Not only is that not true in real life, but in “real life” things totally contrary to the t.v. shows such as where where a theif (in the us) could sue a homeowner because he hurt himself while stealing have happened!

Furthermore, people watch these t.v. series like Sex and the City, Survivor [whatever], The Bachelor XXXVII, etc — and start believing that women and men have sex with different people every night. That is not real life.

As an aside, why do you think highschool students love watching t.v. in class? Because they don’t have to think! 🙂 I remember in highschool that is one thing that everyone loved. It meant no homework (usually), and it meant they could turn their brain off for an hour or so.

3. TV Wastes Time

Television is an escape. Ok, totally eliminating t.v. from your diet may be hard — sometimes it’s nice to “relax” with a good show after work (although you can just as easily enjoy a good book, go to a jazz festival, watch a sunset, etc) — but when you watch more than a few hours, it literally ‘sucks’ the life out of you. You waste your life in exchange for ‘living’ someone else’s life. If you could “watch” yourself “watching” t.v. over a lifetime, you would see a drone get up, eat breakfast, sit down and stare at a box, leave for a few hours (if working), come back, and zone out like a zombie in front of a box for the next 3 hours. Wouldn’t that be boring? Wouldn’t make for a good t.v. show, would it 😛 Watching someone watching a box all day. Well, if you watch t.v. all day, that is your life. Wouldn’t it be better to live life, instead of 20 years later wondering where all the years went?

4. T.V. Contributes to poor health

Not only do you literally let the t.v. do your thinking for you while you watch it, but you also are “sitting” all the time. Not moving. Little circulation in your body. Plus, many people usually eat “junk” food (potato chips, chocolate bars, candy, soft drinks, etc) — while watching t.v. Where do you think the phrase “couch potato” came from? 🙂 Serious. Some guy in California coined it 30 years ago


Hopefully I’ve convinced you that t.v. isn’t that great for you — and you might be able to fill up your time with more productive accomplishments 🙂 Now of course — I realize, if you are reading this — chances are you aren’t (as much of ;)) a couch potato as some people, because you are actually reading this 🙂 — but maybe help a friend or an aquaintance that spends too much time in front of the t.v. by showing him/her this article.

Ideas of what to do in lieu of watching t.v.:

  • Learning to cook
  • Reading a book
  • Talking/going out with friends
  • Doing some sort of sport (whether recreational, professional, or simply playing catch outside)
  • Clean your room 🙂
  • Shopping (or window shopping, depending on your budget)
  • Plus many more!


Cool New Inventions with Technology – Cars and more!

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

A lot of these ideas I thought of a long time ago (i.e., 10-15 years ago), but I thought I’d post them because they are fun, and perhaps maybe someone will make them 🙂 But right now, the technology exists and is easier than ever to create the following items. I have more, but will just write down a few quick ideas for now. If you have your own ideas, feel free to post them!

Color Changing Car

Nowadays, you have an LCD screen for everything. Why not make your car ‘body’ one big LCD screen? It’s actually pretty easy, and relatively inexpensive. You can literally buy LCD screens that are foldable like newspapers (take a look in google for a company called ‘plastic logic’). I actually heard about this company 4-5 years ago (or maybe it was a parent company), and would have invested in it at the time because it will be big. But anyways. Simply coat your automobile in this or something similar, hook it up to a computer in your car, and voila! You can choose the color of your car with a press of a button. Want a red car? Press ‘red’, and your car is now ‘painted’ red. Want a blue car? Press ‘blue’ and it is now painted blue. You can even make your car show t.v. shows while you drive, so it is one big t.v. screen. Or, to make your car look kind of invisible, hook up one camera on one side, and a camera on the other, and ‘display’ the scenery on your car. It would look very eerie but cool.

For that same technology, I think you would end up with ‘changeable license plates’ (i.e., simply type in a new license plate number while driving a car and your license plate gets changed). So officials would need to find a new means of identifying cars.

Changeable License Plates

I wasn’t sure whether or not I should post this one, but realized it’s a logical progression from the one above anyways, so might as well post it so people are aware of what can be done (so they won’t be fooled easily). Someone could easily set up an LCD screen (i.e., ‘computer monitor’) as their ‘license’ plate, and from the front of their car, simply change the license plate, i.e., high speed car chases, etc. When this ‘digital newspaper’ (check out plasticlogic) becomes readily available, then it will just make it super easy for someone to ‘drape’ this electronic newspaper over their license plate and then have a ‘new’ vehicle.

Halogen Light to shine back at someone

Truckers have ‘rear’ headlights they can shine at people, so why not regular individuals? I find it extremely annoying when some drivers want to show off — so they get these ‘super’ bright lights (‘halogen’ lights) and shine them bright during the day as well as the night, such that you actually have to avert your eyes (or close them) while driving because it hurts your eyes that much. It would be kind of nice to shine a light back at them (or one with an expletive 😉 ok just kidding), that told them to turn off their lights… Actually, I’m not sure if it would be the best idea (you do want ‘safe’ driving and it wouldn’t necessarily be safe to shine a light back at them) — but it would be nice if there was some way to get them to turn off their high beam halogen lights. I’m open to suggestions if you want to post them in the comments section 🙂

Boom boxes on the OUTSIDES of cars

I thought it would be an interesting idea. Not necessarily noise friendly. But you have so many teenagers (and some adults J) that think it is cool to ‘blast’ their music while driving, when in reality – all they are doing is hurting their own ears. They don’t seem to ‘get’ the fact that although someone walking on the sidewalk can hear your car as you drive with the windows down from 20 feet away, or that they can see your car shaking while at a stoplight – that to the casual bystander the music really isn’t that loud. All the teenager/adult is doing is damaging their own ears, even though they are trying to get attention. So, why not put speakers on the ‘outside’ of the car? Although I think it would be popular (with teens/certain adults), I think it would quickly annoy the majority of people and as quickly as it was introduced, it would be banned with the same speed because of excessive noise. (The same way you can get a ticket for a car that has a noisy muffler). So it is a cool idea, but lets see who does it 🙂