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Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide review

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Golf remains one of the most popular sports in the world today, and is one in which there is always room for improvement within some aspect of your game. If you are a golfer who is looking to improve your swing in terms of power and accuracy, then you would do well to have a look at this new guide that I found while browsing online. It’s called Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide and is written by one Mike Pedersen, who has great experience in the world of golf.

Now it may be said that the swing is just about the most important part of the golfing technique to get right; this is so, as a better swing technique enables you to put more power into your drive and to place the ball more accurately on the fairway or green that you intend to reach. This guide offers excellent advice, all written clearly and easy to understand terms that will appeal to both the experienced golfer who is looking to improve his or her handicap, or the novice or newcomer to the game who is looking for advice on how best to master the often difficult techniques that make the game one step better.

There are no quick fixes involved in this guide but simply excellent and well informed advice and tips that, when followed and understood properly, are practically guaranteed to improve your game in a very short time. Using the methods outlined and described in this book you will see improvement very quickly, although the some, of course, it will take longer than others. Mike’s guide is among the best on the market, and one of those books that will make an excellent gift for golfers or newcomer to the game alike.

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How To Break 80 at golf review

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Do you play golf? If you can answer yes to the question, and you wish to lower your handicap then you may want to take a look at this excellent guide that I have come across called How To Break 80. It’s written by experts in the field who promised to show you tricks and techniques, all perfectly legal, that will enable you to lower your handicap like never before and increase the enjoyment of your game.

Now I know there are many such guides on the market, and you are probably being offered some of the along the way, but this one really looks the business; it is well written and presented and also affordable, and it does not claim to be a miracle guide to the perfect round of golf. It is simply a book that enables you to improve your game by using the right techniques at the right time and to increase your enjoyment of what is an excellent way of spending some time.

Not convinced? I wasn’t either in the first instance and dismissed this as just another improve your handicap guide, but when I looked closer at How To Break 80 I saw that it was cut above the rest and decided to give it a go. It really is very well written and easy to understand, and instructions and advice on how to improve your technique and lower your handicap of very useful indeed. This is not a book that is aimed solely at the experience player, however, for it can be equally of interest to the newcomer or to those who are interested in taking up golf as a hobby or sport.

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