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Electricity4Gas review

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

I have found a truly electrifying book that you just have to read if you want to save money; Electricity4Gas is written by Peter Mill Ward, there is a long time and environmental activist and who, in this fantastic resource, tells you how to build your own professional system to convert your car from gas and electricity.

Not only does this reduce your costs, but it also reduces the damaging element that the gas output from your car has on the environment. The book includes four planned instructions on how to build and develop your own system come up based on that Peter has perfected over many years. You do not have to be an expert engineer to create a system in convert your car to electricity, nor do you have to have experience in similar. The book includes all you need to know to convert your car to electric running for a claimed $300.

The IRS will pay you tax credits for running an electric car, which is further reason to convert your current vehicle at home, in your own garage, to electric running. In effect, the government will pay you to drive an electric car by way of tax credits!

Peter’s book is easy to read and understand, well-written and clearly defined and plans are simple enough for the competent DIY enthusiast to follow. This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, as now you can convert your own car to electricity without having to pay thousands of dollars for a professional conversion.

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Saturday, April 11th, 2009

If someone offered you the chance to reduce your home energy bills by 80% would you take it? Of course you would; you would be stupid not to, and that is why John Russell’s power4home system is something that all of us would be foolish not to have a look at.

Utilising home installed solar and wind energy systems, power4home is a system that John Russell has developed over many years using his expertise in the home energy industry; look at the advantages: a reduction in energy costs by 80%, plus simple instructions that enable you to create a home energy system for less than $200! In addition, your energy suppliers may even pay you for surplus energy that you produce at home; that’s right, they will pay you for your energy.

Sound too good to be true? It does, but it is not; power4home already has many satisfied customers, who have installed efficient solar and wind power systems in their own homes and achieved the savings that we have already talked about. This is no scam; this is a serious drive and opportunity to generate your own power for your own home.

The issues surrounding the environment and its destruction by carbon dioxide emissions further reason why people are looking to renewable energy sources as an alternative; these home-based units involve small windmills and solar installations that produce enough power to use individual homes. This is clearly more efficient and less wasteful than drawing from fossil fuel burning power stations that operate all the time at maximum production in order to assure us of supply.

Take a look at power4home now and see what you could do to save on your energy bill and help the environment.

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Monday, April 6th, 2009

I’ve thought how advantageous it would be to be able to create your own energy in the form of home-made electricity? Well now is your chance to because energy2green offers useful guidelines on how to build cheap and effective windmills and solar panels from readily available materials.

Furthermore, in simple and clearly defined steps, they show you how to do so for less than $200, and also give a whole host of impressive and interesting ideas as to how you can help keep your energy costs down. In fact, by using windmills and solar power is said you can save 80% on your monthly electrical bill, and in some cases even produce more power than your house needs; in this case, it is sometimes so that the energy companies will actually buying surplus back from you, hence meaning you are being paid to create electricity for your own home!
energy2 green is designed for the novice who has no idea about renewable energy sources; the designed instruction is given a clear and easy to understand and require only basic tools and DIY experience to be built. Not only will you be saving considerable amounts of your electricity bill each month, but you will also be contributing to the renewable energy doctrine that is designed to help conserve the environment in these days of increasing carbon dioxide use.
What better way can they be to save money, but to save money while, at the same time, helping save the environment? Have a look at energy2green now; you have nothing to lose!

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