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Go For Your Goals: Goal Setting For Kids Review

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Goal setting is one of the fundamentals to success in life! And, it’s one of the most important things than you can teach your children. If children learn the value of setting goals and achieving success, they have a foundation for life that is invaluable.

With these illustrated, digital download books, you can educate children on the importance of the Laws of Attraction, on how to set and achieve goals, all authored by a panel of professionals who share their experience and expertise. You also receive self help tips for grown-ups, to fine-tune your skills.

This e-book series includes panel of writer-experts such as:

1) Winsome Coutts, an experienced teacher, grandmother and mother of two. She has authored hundreds of self help articles, and studied with John Demartini and Bob Proctor of, “The Secret” DVD.

2) Jessi Hoffman, an experienced teacher with a Master’s credential who has authored courses for Trump University about goal-setting.

3) Illustrator Anneli Asplund boasts credentials from IKEA of Australia, is previous owner / operator of her own greeting card design before raising her young children, teaching them about goals already.

This is a wonderfully well-rounded selection of materials for youth. Step by step instruction makes it easy for parents to follow and use. The series includes workbooks, activity sheets, a guide for parents, and freebies from sponsors!

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