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Web Business Secrets review

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Have you ever wondered whether those emails telling you that you can make money from Google Adwords and such are really promising you a genuine way of making money, or do you simply dismiss them as being scams that are not worth looking at? The truth is there are many scams ou there, but this one is real: it’s called Web Business Secrets, and it shows you how to make money on the internet without any effort at all. Ok, I know, it sounds too good to be true, and when something sounds too good to be true it’s because it is, but you really should look at Web Business Secrets – after all, it costs nothing to look!

The internet is the marketing and business phenomenon of the 21st century and growth in the area shows no signs of stopping, but you have to be in it to win it, so they say, and if you miss the boat now you may find others are reaping the rewards while you sit back and wish you had read up after all: Web Business Secrets explains everything – it’s written by an internet millionaire who knows all the ropes – and comes with free additions that are well worth the effort, but best of all is the way it explains how you can use that computer and internet connection to make easy money.

You have nothing to lose in taking a look and, if you don’t like it well, you can just walk away: remember, though, that real people are making real money using the systems outlined in Web Business Secrets – don’t miss out!

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the Secret reviewed

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

All of us want to understand fully the laws of attraction and be able to make sure that we pull the best girl or boy and I found a review called the secret behind a secret which appears to be the best guide to the laws of attraction that I have ever seen.

It is written by people who have experience in the physics and psychology of how the human mind works, for being able to understand what is going on in someone else’s head at a given point is essential to be able to convince them to do what you wish. This is not only a useful guide for those looking for love but one that is equally useful for those who wish to get ahead in business for it looks at your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you how to use the former to your advantage.

After all, we all have particular strengths but it is getting to know them and understand how to use them that gives us that advantage. Understanding others in the way the human mind operates is useful in many ways and can teach you to become more successful in a great number of areas.

The laws of attraction may remain a mystery to many but to those who read this book a greater understanding of how things work will become obvious. This is not a miracle guide but one that uses actual experience in genuine fact to help you get to grips with the right side of your brain.

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Why Affirmations Fail and The Building Blocks Of Great Affirmations Review

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Affirmations can be a powerful tool, if you have the right ones, and use them well! If you’ve tried affirmations before, and they’ve failed, it might be time for Jennifer Shepherd’s , The Lipstick Mystic® . Jennifer’s digital downloadable books “Why Most Affirmations Fail,” and “The Four Building Blocks of Successful Affirmations” are available in this set.

These digital books include life-changing information and tips for people of all ages and from all walks of life. They include information on spiritual, Biblical, and practical affirmations, as well as information on when not to use affirmations, how to heal romance, and what’s missing in most affirmations. You can learn to change your life with self-boosting messages.

You can download a free e-book excerpt, and sign up for a free Affirmations Cheat Sheet and the Newsletter, Affirmations Gumbo. This includes tips, information, and stories of people helped with her inspirational messages!

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Personal Development, Self Help and Motivation Review

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Download digital books, and earn income on them! That’s right – you can package and sell these books to earn income! Earn while you learn!
The books on this website give you private label rights (PLR). That means that you can put your name on them and claim authorship, or you can get books with Master Rights or any rights you’d like, and sell them! – alone or packaged in any number of ways.

Just click on the Main Page, and go to the free book downloads for PLR that you’ll find there. No purchase necessary, no registration or email address needed! You’ll find topics including personal development, self-help and motivation, practical learning, and much more…all rolled up into saleable packages for you, your loved ones, your clients, and your business!
And, some of these digital downloadable books even come with Master Resale Rights. These include hot topics such as:

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– And more…
After you download the free books, you pay a small fee for 18 more titles which also carry Private Label Rights, so you can not only learn, but earn! And earn over and over and over again.

If you’ve wanted to increase your knowledge, and earn money…have your learning pay for itself and more… check out this website for freebies and dual-purpose products!

Personal Development, Self Help and Motivation Review

How to live a happier life with technology

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I just walked through a lounge filled with about 30 students. You’d expect it to be a bit noisy and rowdy, but to the contrary, it was very quiet. Each student was sitting down, whether crossed-legged or sprawled across a leather sofa, with a laptop/notebook computer in their lap, hooked up to the wireless internet, half of them having their ears covered with ear phones, listening to music in their MP3 players, which the other half had cellphones either right beside their ears or in their pockets, turned on. They are messaging other people through MSN, checking out what their friends are doing on facebook/friendster/QQ or twitter, trying to connect to others but ironically more connected like an appliance. 🙂 It’s important to remember that technology is supposed to be an enabler, to live a better life, not a disabler!

Another time, a few years ago I was walking down the street, came to crossroads — lots of traffic — but big wide open fields. There was this guy standing across the street, waving his arms madly and looked almost like he was crazy. Until a minute later when I realized he had one of these ‘bluetooth’ phones attached to his ears. Made me think and realized, maybe the homeless people you saw 20 years ago walking on the streets talking to themselves weren’t crazy, they just some of the first people to have bluetooth phones 🙂

And, yet another time, I knew four guys that went into a crowded chatroom (on the internet), and all lived in the same apartment. Eventually only the four of them were left in this chatroom, and they continued ‘talking’ (typing) for another 2 hours. Until one of them realized, they were the only four left – and they were all in the same apartment and should just get out of their bedrooms and talk to each other. Instead, they laughed, and continued chatting on the internet for another two hours.

The internet has become an exceptionally good time waster. So how do you live a better life, almost immediately?


1. Check your e-mail/blog/twitter/facebook/etc once a day, maximum 30 minutes.

Set aside a time in the morning or evening when you do this. I know it will be hard, but it will free up so much of your time it will be incredible. And don’t spend more than 30 minutes. Unless you run your own business (in which you should pay someone to do this for you), you should talk to people face to face.

2. Eat before checking your e-mail!

Yes, it’s true. Your e-mail will still be there after breakfast. J It’s not going to disappear, especially the 100 spam e-mails you got. Eat something first. Start your day off right, not ‘write’! (haha, nice pun, eh?)

3. Choose to talk to people face to face.

It is all to easy to get involved in ‘online’ romances, MSN’ing friends, checking out the latest sports scores, but remember, when you are doing this, you aren’t living, you are literally plugged in like an appliance, not moving, sitting in front of a box! Would you rather kiss or hug your computer? Or kiss and hug a real person? Just because you can make out in a game like the Sims or Second Life, doesn’t mean you are doing that in real life. Get out and life life!

4. Reduce your cellphone/blackberry/PIM/Pilot/etc usage to 30 minutes day. Let’s say at night time. It’s funny, in the early 90’s – you were considered rich and powerful if you had a laptop/cellphone/or pager. Now, you are considered rich and powerful if you don’t have to respond to every single e-mail/cell phone call/beep or blip that comes your way.

5. Go on a technology ‘fast’ for a week, or at least 3-4 days.

People go on food fasts for days every year – and it’s to clean out their system – give their body a chance to ‘restore’ itself. When is the last time you went without e-mail for 3 days, let alone 1 week? Try going without (major) technology for a week, specifically television, anything to do with the internet/e-mail, and a cellphone (a regular land-line is ok). Go out to the park. Go for a walk. Go camping. Go white water rafting. Go skiing. See what it feels like. You’ll give your brain a rest and feel recharged when you want to get back into the tech of things!

Anyways, above are a few quick tips to help get you back on a happy lifestyle track. I hope you enjoy my anecdotes, and feel free to leave comments! Have a great day!

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