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Only4Gamers review

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

This is a call to all gamers who are looking for their dream job: would you believe me if I told you you could get paid for playing video games all day long? I thought not, but the truth is you can and at Only4Gamers you can find out how.

There are many games being created at any one time across the world and like any other consumer product they need thorough testing before they can go on sale to the general public; these games are tested by experienced gamers such as yourself and get paid for the privilege to work as freelancers. The advantages that you get to work from home while doing something you love and also get to play new games before anybody else has seen them. Can you think of anything better than sitting at home all day playing video games and earning hundreds of dollars a week doing so?

I can’t, and that’s why I took a good long look at the information available at Only4Gamers because, like you, I was naturally cynical that they could actually be anything in this. In fact there is a list of the genuine job that many people are doing everyday and making very good money out of. After all, somebody has to do it for these things do not test themselves.

Who better to test video games are experienced gamers such as you and I, and what a great way to make a living! Believe me, it’s real and very lucrative but it is also extremely enjoyable! It must be, in fact, the dream job.

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GameTesterGuide review

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Here is a question that I can pretty much guarantee you answer yes to: would you like to earn your living playing video games? Yes, you heard me right, how would you like to be paid to play videogames?

I needed to ask you twice because I know very well that you will think it is too good to be true, but at GameTesterGuide you will find a wealth of advice that tells you just how you can make a living by playing video games.

If you think about it it becomes clear that there are thousands of games in gestation at any time across the world; these all need testing and the manufacturers and originators call on freelance game testers to carry out thorough tests and pay them for the privilege. It’s like anything, before it goes on sale must be tested to make sure it is fit for the consumer.

The guide at GameTesterGuide tells you how to get into the game and become one of these testers and gives you full details of what it takes to earn excellent money by sitting at home playing video games all day!

I know, it sounds unreal doesn’t it? The truth is it is very real indeed and this is a viable and very lucrative job that many people are doing across the world right now. You want to join in? I do to so we better get cracking and sign up now.

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Homebrew installer review

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Have you ever wished that you could expand the capability of your Nintendo Wii? Has it ever frustrated you that you couldn’t back up games, or play classic games that you played an older console? And how would you like to be able to play DVDs on your Nintendo Wii too?

Homebrew installer is a download allows you to unlock hidden capabilities of your Nintendo Wii and perform all of the above; by safely and securely unlocking the abilities of your console you will be able to do all listed above and more.

The Nintendo Wii is already a very capable and versatile machine but homebrew installer will take it to another level; how exciting it will be to investigate the true capabilities of this fantastic machine while adding usefulness to what is already a very justifiably popular device.

The guide allows you to perform the function simply and comes with straightforward instructions directions that are written for anyone to use; you do not need to be an expert in tampering with electronic devices to carry out this conversion.

It is cheap to buy and easy to install and is becoming very popular indeed thanks to the way it transformed the capabilities of the Nintendo Wii; you need to get in there quick before the price goes up because once this becomes common knowledge everyone is going to want one.

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Video Game Tester reviewed

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Now here is the ideal job for some: sitting around all day playing video games, and getting paid for it!

Usually, when something sounds too good to be true it is; but this is absolutely genuine and if you access Video Game Tester you will see a whole resource of tips on how you can get a job as a video game tester. I repeat, this is absolutely genuine and you can earn hundreds of dollars a day testing new video games for the creators as an actual genuine job.

How great it would be to be able to work from home, and how great it would be when work is in fact play; it works like this – you are provided with a network of companies all of whom develop videogames, and you act as a freelancer testing those games and advising on problems and improvements. You do not have to be a computer buff, just somebody who enjoys and understands videogames and the gaming community.

This has to be a dream job, not only do you get paid for playing video games that nobody else has seen before, but you also get copies of games given to you free for evaluation.

If this sounds like a job for you then you need to visit Video Game Tester where you will find all the information you need to get started. Believe me, for I know you still think this is too good to be true, it’s real and it’s there for you to do.

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Homebrew ware review

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

If you are one of the many who has invested in the fantastic Nintendo Wii you will be interested in this new resource that I’ve come across; it’s called homebrew ware and it enables you to expand the capabilities of your Wii beyond its current limits.

It does this by acting as an emulator and gives you the ability to fool the Wii into believing it is something else; for instance, not only does it allow you to play DVDs that will enable you to run games of the classic variety from the older Nintendo consoles as you force the Wii into operating as it was, say, an N64.

The capabilities of this program are quite bewildering, for it is designed specifically with the Nintendo Wii in mind and as such is very finely developed and tuned and simple to use. It also allows you to download back up games that has never been done before.

This affordable and pleasurable system will enable you to get more out of your Nintendo Wii, and will expand your use of the console beyond that you previously believed possible; easy to download and use this is a great recommendation for anybody who uses a games console regularly.

Don’t be fooled by imitators, this is the real thing and comes with full backup and guarantees that easy to understand instructions a complete novice will understand. Once you have this installed, you will not be able to put your Nintendo Wii away for it will be the entertainment console of the century.

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