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Paris And Britney – Differences and Similarities

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Paris and Britney have some similarities and differences that would make one think that in some ways, they are so much alike and then again, they are very different from each other. The girls like the spotlight and are always doing something stupid that gets them all the media’s attention. Paris has been accused of retail theft and Britney has been accused of using drugs.

Both girls seem to be different when it comes to family. Britney is close to her family and Paris may appear close to her family, but she really only thinks about herself. Britney seems to get more roles and Paris is sadly only getting offers for small parts that will mean nothing to her career. Both girls can be hell on wheels, but when you look at the personal lives of Paris and Britney, you will see that they are different from each other.

Paris is more about lights and flashy parties, while Britney does not really care about the spotlight and dressing up all the time. The two seem to be friends, but when no one is looking one is talking about the other in a bad way. They have more differences than they do similarities.