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Brief Overview Of ‘’ Website

Thursday, December 4th, 2008 is a place where friends can compete against each other using text, videos or photos. People that have never met can challenge others to do some of the most outrageous things. Some of the challenges can be fun and light, but some of the challenges can be life changing. This website can be intriguing to everyone. There are quizzes and videos.

People can make and upload videos that call people to action. This particular video encourages people to get out and vote, but also talks about the ‘Muzzler,’ which is a little confusing. You have to have an open mind to use this site, make the videos, and participate in challenges.

There are quizzes about music groups, monsters, holidays, misspelled words and sports. There are leaderboards to look at and see who is leading the competition. The website has a huge following and encourages everyone to participate. also has trivia about well-known TV shows and important people. You can even create a quiz or join one that was started by someone else.

Whether you like wacky things or intelligent things, this website as it all. No one is turned away or disappointed. Everyone will have a challenge to do.