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Addictive Games… Addictive online and offline games to play…

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Ok, well, I thought I might as well post my list of fun ‘addictive’ games 🙂 Actually been playing them waaaay too much, but if you need a break from doing something, you might enjoy this games.

Campaign Game US –

Ok, this is a really cool, yet simple game. Basically it pits Obama versus McCain on an ‘electoral’ map, and you can hire four different types of guys — hatchet men (multiple damage), fund raisers (restore health), operative (invisible stealth), and a ‘spinmeister’ (long range attack). It is very well done, and each multiplayer game will take you about 20 minutes. I highly recommend it, but make sure you set aside 2-3 hours for game play 🙂 Also, the music is very cool.

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Bloxorz –

This is a really cool puzzle game. If you enjoy puzzles, and trying to figure out how things work, then you`ll like this. Basically you can `rotate`a rectangular block, length 2 width 1. You have to figure out how to `rotate`it into a hole on a mini map, while having all sorts of little `secrets` that make new bridges, etc. Also, the music and graphics are well done. If you have 2-3 hours, and like games that make you think (you can justify playing this game :)), then this one is for you.

Kongregate –

This is just simply a really cool portal of different types of online, and addictive, games. Some of the graphics are well done, especially considering it`s flash (mainly photographs, but put together well). The game play is good, fun and addictive too. For example, their game `dice` looks good and is addictive as well, although you might get bored after a couple games. Their other game `Play the Storm House 3` is also a fun game — but very quickly you`ll find yourself searching on the internet for `cheats` so you can get maximum money/maximum ammo, etc — so that you can see what good it is. I recommend playing these games if you want some quick fun. It isn’t super addictive — which is nice (you’ll be able to walk away and get work done when you have to) — but you will probably want to come back just to play a few ‘quick’ games. Fairly good online interface.

Dark Orbit —

(c) Article 2008 –

Ok, now this is quite a cool addictive game. However, it is money driven — but one of the best designed games I have seen designed to get people to spend their money. And people don’t even realize it — because they get sucked in. Basically, the game is designed in such a way that if you manage to play it for more than 5 minutes, you will want to continue playing it for another 2-3 hours. If you actually play it for 2-3 hours — and don’t have a job/etc that you have to attend to — you are almost 95% likely to actually spend some cash. The “free” part of the game basically allows you to progress to a certain level (that gets harder and harder) — until you find that you need “elite” weapons to keep playing the game. Well, if you don’t part with any “real” money, you will find it exceptionally difficult to keep playing the game. The game is designed such that it really is almost impossible to continue without getting “elite” weapons, which you have to spend “real” money to obtain. If you have already played it this long — it’s almost a certainty that you will spend at least $20-$30 for some ‘quick’ upgrades. It is an exceptionally addictive game if you are into the ‘space’ ship type games, and be prepared to spend at least $20-$30 if you play it longer than 2-3 hours ($400 if you want a fully ‘maxed’ out ship). But make sure you wait for their ‘happy’ hours so you don’t have to spend *that* much (maybe $100-$200 U.S. tops). But is is an exceptionally well-designed game (from a business standpoint), geared to make you part with your cash. But addictive at the same time.

Jagex/Runescape/etc –

Ok, if you haven’t played or heard of this game, you probably aren’t in highschool or don’t have kids in highschool. It has become an exceptionally popular (java-based) online game. I knew the developer (indirectly) when he was first starting out, and he has done a very good job of making this into a very successful business. Basically “runescape” is “World of Warcraft” for teenagers. (And WoW is for 20-40 year olds). If you start playing this, be prepared to spend a lot of time. (Article (c) 2008

Dawn of War, Dark Crusades, etc

Ok, this is a really cool series of online (real time RPG games) from THQ. You won’t find too many people playing the original dawn of war any more, as most people have upgraded to the newest versions. Basically you have soliders and bases that you can upgrade, and the goal of the game is to take over checkpoints in the entire map. The first person to take over all the checkpoints and/or eradicate everyone else wins. If you truly understand how to play this game, then you’ll end up spending a few months of your life playing it. It’s a fun game.

WarOfEmpires –

If you are into text-based games, you’ll probably enjoy playing this game. However, this game has become more ‘sane’ in the last while that it’s been developed (i.e., you can’t really “cheat” at it as in the original versions) — so to win this/play it successfully, you will have to ‘co-operate’ with a group/number of people to win. It’s an ‘ok’ game if you like the team cooperation and maybe want to get a bunch of friends to play it together. Probably best suited for highschool students, but it can get addictive.

Anyways, this is a review of a few different online games that you might enjoy. If you have any more, please feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll see what I can do to add them (and/or write a new article!)