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WinClear review

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Are you aware that every website you visit, and every image you download, is stored on the hard drive on your computer system for eternity?

Your user history is there for anyone to find out, but a program such as WinClear can make sure that you are able to erase any past history to the extent that nobody will be able to find out where you have been. This is not to say that we suspect everybody of looking at a unsavoury sites, but it can be that you wish to hide your previous Internet history from others for a variety of reasons.

Identity theft and invasion of privacy are very much to the fore these days, and WinClear is designed very much with that in mind. Downloading is easy and using it easier still, Boyd has a simple one click operation that enables you to destroy and hide your past movements as recorded on your computer system. It is essential to know that simply deleting temporary files will not perform this operation completely, and the use of a program such as WinClear is the only guaranteed method of making sure nobody can break into your system and find out details that you do not want them to know.

Given the efficiency of the system it may well be attractive to many, and as such it is not an expensive software package to purchase; it could well be essential, however, especially in many business situations where past transactions need to be held away from the prying eyes of possible rival outfit.

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