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The “Oxygen Channel” Overview

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

The Oxygen Channel always has some interesting shows. The late night show with “Talk Sex” with Sue Johanson is all about sex. There is nothing that this ‘sex grandma’ cannot answer. The show “Captured” features woman who can solve crimes and mysteries. “Snapped” is another show that is based on true crimes of murder by woman. This show fascinates the audience as they learn the grizzly details of the crime from the woman who committed them.

The Oxygen Channel is where woman can go to see true crime, talk about sex and see action packed movies about woman crime stoppers. Tyra Banks has a daily talk show and the Rosanne sitcom airs at different times of the day. If your interest is models, love, crime and fashion, this is the channel to watch.

The average viewing audience is women, but men find it just as fascinating to watch. One of the top rated shows on the Oxygen Channel is “Bad Girls.” This show reveals the secret lives of the woman and shows you just how bad they can be. New shows appear in the line up every year. The idea of the Oxygen Channel is to give women a channel to watch that has something for everyone to enjoy.