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Live TV review

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Being able to watch live TV on your PC is of great benefit to many, and with Live TV you can watch many channels that you previously would not have access to from across the world, all for one initial payment and no further fees.

Live TV is a perfectly legal and easy to use system which requires no additional hardware; all you need is a computer and a net connection, to pay a one-off subscription fee and download the software and you’re ready to view.

With 3000 channels available at the moment, and more being added, the ability to access a worldwide television gives you incredible variety: from sports to the news, from movies to adult channels, from children’s TV to political reviews there is everything here to choose from. There are even pay per view channels where you can get special programs for a small one-off fee, but with so many channels available without extra payment it is unlikely you will resort to this.

No set-top box, no ugly satellite dishes, and no extra wiring – it’s all there on your PC for you to view at your leisure. Where else can you get 3000 channels at the touch of a button? Live TV is easy to use and the download and installation is very quick and simple, and you are unlikely ever to watch TV on your conventional television again! After all, with as much variety you can tune into your favourite music channels from America or political channels from Europe and many many more from all across the world.

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