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Building A Chicken Coop Review

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Keeping hens is becoming an increasingly popular pastime these days; there are several benefits to keeping hens oneself including a constant supply of beautiful fresh eggs. While supermarket eggs may claim to be free range there is nothing like the taste of a true free range egg from your own yard.

Chickens and hens had to be kept safe from predators, however, and are building a chicken you can download plans that display how to create your own Fox and predator proof chicken coop simply and easily. Keeping the Fox at bay is vital, as he will simply destroy the chickens for fun, not for food.

Having chickens in one garden or yard is delightful; they add movement and colour to any garden and make excellent pets. They are easy to keep and require little maintenance bar an occasional cleaning out of their quarters. Food is cheap and easy to purchase and chickens will also eat waste leftovers from the kitchen.

Building the chicken coop as shown at the website is very simple, and can be done by someone with just the basics of DIY skills. Using no specialised tools and only those found in a common garden shed a very attractive and fully protected chicken coop can be put together in a short time and for very little cost. It is no wonder the keeping chickens is becoming ever more popular for the birds themselves are cheap to buy and easy to look after.

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