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“According to Jim” – A few funny episodes

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

“According to Jim” is one of those sitcoms that you can watch over and over again and never leave the front of the TV screen. Jim is one of those husbands that everyone would love to have, but hate to be married to. Cheryl, his wife has her hands full as she tries to run the house with three kids and now the birth of the twins that she and Jim conceived in 2007.

One of the funniest episodes was when the two girls asked Jim (dad) if he could do a handstand. After a few ‘no you can’t, yes I can’ exchanges, Jim does a handstand and comes down and his feet hit the full kitchen table, breaking it and knocking everything to the floor. Jim is always screwing something up when he tries to prove himself right with the kids and Cheryl.

Another funny episode was Jim and Andy trying to start up the gas grill to the house gas line. However, the episode where Jim was trying to iron a bra was funny. This episode was when Cheryl was pregnant. Jim tries to talk intelligent to his kids. There is always something funny happening on “According to Jim” every week.

The video is from youtube:

The video is from youtube: