My Airfare Secrets review

Have you ever wondered how it is the person in front of you in the queue always get an upgrade on their airline ticket? Or are you one of those who believes he or she is paying too much for your flight?

My Airfare Secrets is a fantastic book written by an ex-airline employee that exposes all the tricks of the trade: not only does it tell you how to make sure you cut the price of your ticket by great amounts, it also advises you all the tricks used to make sure you get an upgrade to a better class of seat. There are statistics in her that tell you when is the cheapest and best time to fly and there are tricks and tails that the airlines would really rather prefer were left secret.

For he frequent flyer this is a fantastic resource that will enable you to save a lot of money over the coming years by knowing exactly what to say, when to say it and what to buy. You would not believe similar reductions that have been forthcoming thanks to the use of this book by other readers and when one adds up the cost of airline tickets across a year the savings could amount to a considerable figure.

If you use air travel on a regular basis you will find this book absolutely invaluable; for the small outlay required to purchase it you will have on your hands something that will recoup its costs over and over again many times.

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