Want to save on fuel costs? Convert-2-ev Review

You can read in the papers lately about the new range of electric cars that major manufacturers are introducing, it did you know it is possible to convert your own car to run by battery power at little cost? The guide that can be found at Convert-2-ev is the result of many years of investigations into the subject by a couple who have converted their car to electric power and run it for as little as $20 a month fuel from power from the National Grid.
How impressive is that? The thing is, the guy is so simple and impressive that even the lowliest of intelligent life could understand how this comes about; basically, replacing petrol or diesel power with electric power involves replacing the batteries in the car that are recharged by using your mains electricity. This means power for the car goes on to your home electricity bill, and is therefore easily manageable and simple to understand.

The beauty of electric car is that it is non-polluting, and there is no need to visit petrol stations or garages for expensive top-up to the regular basis; while not having the outright top speed performance of a petrol car this is barely important of nowhere on the roads and can’t be driven to the extent of their ultimate performance anyway. If you want quiet and smooth motoring at a very affordable cost then it could be that you need to visit Convert-2-ev and find out exactly what it is they have to offer.

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