Overview Of “Thunderheart”

Jane Rosenthal, Michael Nozik, John Fusco and Robert De Niro produced “Thunderheart” in 1992. Val Kilmer who has a Sioux heritage plays the FBI agent. He investigates a brutal murder at a Native American reservation. Graham Greene plays the tribal police office of the Six Nations American reservation and is a full pledged Oneida Indian.

The film is based on the Wounded Knee incident, which was a true story, but Thunderheart is a fictionalization of the incident. This film includes the American Indian Movement. Val Kilmer is the FBI investigator that lacks what is needed to solve the crimes, but works with the tribal police to crack the crime. As he gets closer to soling the crime, he must make a choice between upholding the law and his obligation to his heritage.

The movie takes the FBI agent back to a place he once new and left to pursue his career. The movie is detailed and shows many scenes of tribal dances and the life of the Indians as he once remembered. You see what he goes through to solve the murders and how he reacts to the country. The movie “Thunderheart” is a compelling work of art as it details different aspects of the murder.

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