Overview Of “The Matrix”

Joel Silver, Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski produced “The Matrix” in 1999. This science fiction movie also includes martial arts action and fast action. The movie stars Keanu Reeves in his best performance ever. The movie depicts the future, as it is perceived by humans that is actually the Matrix. The electrical activity and body heat from humans is used as the energy source. After learning this, Neo (a secret life hacker) rebels against the sentient machines that subdue and pacify the human population.

Neo sets out to find out what the Matrix is and how it is used. Neo has secret codes appearing on his computer screen that eventually lead him to the Morpheus, who in turn offers Neo an opportunity to learn all about the Matrix. Neo swallows a red pill after agreeing that he wants to know more. Neo is then hooked up the Matrix by a socket in the back of his head.

The visual affects of the movie are incredible. The technology used to make this movie were not as sophisticated as they are today, but “The Matrix” is the best science fiction movie of its time. The cast and crew were able to give you a new perspective on the future.

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