How To Talk To Girls – one approach

Knowing how to talk to girls is important if you do not want to offend them and keep them interested in you. Men always have problems in this department. It seems that some men think that those old pick up lines work on girls. The truth is that a girl wants to hear something more long the lines of interesting conversation then she does those old pick up lines.

Strike up a conversation about something interesting that she would like to talk about. Not all girls want to hear about you. Girls like a man that asks them about their interests and listens when they answer. As the conversation advances, then the man can throw in a few things about himself.

A girl likes a man that listens and joins in the conversation. A girl wants to find a man that can hold an intelligent conversation without thinking about ways to get her to go home with him. Men have to be attentive and a god listener. If the girl is a little flirty, it is appropriate to throw in a few flirts here and there, but then again, these little flirts must be tasteful. You need to talk to her differently than you would the boys

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