Supercomputers – their uses

I was just reading an article on supercomputers. How various locations, whether it be the US, Canada, Japan, etc, are all building these super computers. This article is more for fun 🙂

50 TRILLION flops second. 200 TRILLION flops per second. Basically mathematical calculations per second, kind of like saying “what is 2+2? Oh! it’s FOUR!”, but doing this like 50 TRILLION times a second.

Well. Here is some info:

If a supercomputer was running Windows Vista…

It would be no faster than a commodore 64. Why? Because every time it tried to make a caculation, the Windows Vista OS would tell the supercomputer “Um, I don’t think you have permission do that. Are you allowed to figure out what 2+2 is? If so, then click here”. And you would have to wait 1 second while it figured out if you were allowed. And then contact the Microsoft Authentication center. Then download an activex. Actually, I would probably be playing games on my Commodore-64 while waiting.

If a supercomputer was running Windows XP…

It would STILL be slower than a commodore 64 and your basic calculator that you punch in by hand. Why? Because it would be crashing every 2 seconds. The supercomputer would start figuring out what 2+2 was — and then would go “aw f*ck this” as the Microsoft blue screen popped up informing the super computer that a restart was necessary. Or it would just contantly say “Are you SURE you want to figure 2+2 out? Are you REALLY REALLY sure? (c) Come on, how can one supercomputer be THAT sure that they want to figure out what 2+2 is?”. So yeah, a super computer running Windows XP, it would suck.

HAHA. Maybe thats WHY they are building super computers… Just getting ready for the next release of windows! 🙂

If a super computer was running DOS…

Wow. Now that would be cool. Just write a batch file to figure out what 2+2 was 50 trillion times.

How to make a supercomputer crash

Tell it to figure out women. It would spend two seconds trying to figure out women, then go “Aw……………….. screw this” and just go start playing poker online, win billions of dollars, then try and rebuild itself to try and figure out women, only to burn into smoldering flames 5 minutes later. (Well, ok, some women are cool 🙂 But. Some, well — leave those to the supercomputer :))

Real Good Uses For Supercomputers

  • Playing any kind of first person shooter and/or any kind of computer game. Come on, with 50 TRILLION flops a seconds, it would have a pretty good polygon count. So you could get really cool graphics. Would be decent

Mm yeah. I think that is about it for now.

Well, anyways. Enjoy thinking about how supercomputers can benefit your life.

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